Gospel Readings – Keeping it simple.
We’ve found it really helpful to read several verses from one of the first four books of the New Testament every day. To download a pdf copy of what we use, click here.

S.O.A.P – A clean and easy format.
If you want to move another step beyond the daily gospel reading, try using S.O.A.P. You can download a squeaky clean pdf by clicking here.

Three Column and Four Column Studies – Strategic and Obedience-based Discipleship Tool
A resource you can use that has a more strategic level to it (the fourth column); download it here.

Discovery Bible Study Questions.
A list of facilitator’s questions and the values behind the questions can be found by clicking here.

A Strategy to Plant a Simple Church Network in the West Midlands of England
My Fuller DMin dissertation and final project that lists lots of resources; you can download it here.

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