Spring – When Does it Begin?

When does Spring officially begin?

Now that the snow has melted, has spring officially made its start? I confess that I have been mildly amused the past ten days with the blanket of snow that hit the UK. So many people expressed a dislike for the weather and the accumulation of the white stuff. Now, I sympathize with those who became shut-ins because of the fear of falling and injuring themselves, those who incurred increased heating expenses, and especially the homeless of Birmingham whom we have met when feeding them hot soup and sandwiches.

Certainly the culture is different in responding to the snow. Very few people shoveled or removed snow out of their drives. And no one removes the snow from the “pavement” (“sidewalk” for those in America) out in front of their home. Partly that has to do with the usual situation that within 24 hours the snow has been melted away by rain or warmer temperatures. Partly it has to do with the fact that the local Council is responsible for the pavement, not home owners. After all, who wants to do anything with the snow or ice on the Council’s property and then get sued by someone who trips or falls because it was shoveled and became icy and slippy. It may be the sanitized memory of a man who cannot fully recall his childhood memories, but there was no leaving for school in the morning and certainly no breakfast until my brothers and I cleared the sidewalks and drive of our Minnesota home long before daylight.

When does spring officially begin?

I must say that something new and fresh has been happening in my heart the last few days. I confess, the last few months have been spiritually dry for me. The dark days of winter may have something to do with that. Feeling distant from Father God is not a pleasant place to be for those of us who believe and who maintain spiritual practices whether we “feel” anything or not. Maybe it’s my third day running starting the day with a 2.5 mile walk to pray and pause before committing my day to Father God. Maybe it’s day 29 of my chronological Bible (I’m on track for the year, how amazing is that!). Maybe it was that cup of coffee I enjoyed upon my return at 6.00am after my walk. Or maybe it was the smell of blooming daffodils on the table which came last Friday from our friend Elaine at thethirdplace last Friday evening.

Whatever it may be, I get the sense that spring is on the way.


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