Of Colds and “Man-flu”

At the beginning of last week (Monday) I felt like I was coming down with something. On Tuesday I had definitely come down with it, whatever it was. On Wednesday, this ‘head cold’ was such that I couldn’t think straight. On Thursday I tried to work, but it was a fruitless exercise so I just watched a couple of movies. On Friday I still could not focus any of my brain cells on the same task in the same direction, so apart from a meal and Discovery Bible Study with thethirdplace on the evening, I was mush most of the day. I didn’t even play ice hockey, and slept in until 8.00 or 9.00am for three days. Tam called it “man-flu” and told me to stop whining, but I say how dare those germs invade and transgress my personal space!

Fortunately, I seem to be over the head cold and resuming my routines and rhythms, starting with a prayerwalk around the estate this morning, and a bit of writing afterwards. And I still have the absolute best of a wife who loves me, man-flu or not!

Tam n Tim Growing Shoots

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