Day Three – Dinner with Friends

On the spur of the moment, Herve and Iris asked us photoover for dinner today (Sunday). We’ve known their family since the first holiday club on what became the Dickens Heath Village green in 1999 when we put the marquee and their young children inquired about the reason for it. They are an amazing family for their giftedness, cultural diversity, and kind and generous personalities. We have often benefited from their wisdom and insights. A Saturday morning breakfast with Herve is always a welcome time of conversation! We led the blessing service for their daughter and new husband this past summer, and stayed with Oma (Iris’s mum, whose name is also Iris; ‘oma’ is grandmother in German) in Germany in August, and were spoiled!

So, today, we’re thankful for the spontaneity of Iris and Herve, their three children and spouses (2x of 3), and the influence and friendship they have given us over many years. Blessings on your family!

Image 99 cropped and edited


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