Inspired to be Grateful

We have a set of friends in Oregon that inspire us.

Our friendship dates as far back as the autumn of 1982 when I moved from Minnesota to Eugene to begin studying for a cross-cultural ministries degree. I hit it off immediately with Bryan and Rick with our similarly stupid senses of humour and love for the outdoors and wildlife. We shared many adventures together, the three of us! We all married, and Kathy (Bryan) and later Margie (Rick) became part of the journey of friendship we have enjoyed these many years.CIMG0070 cropped and reduced

Both families and couples have experienced challenges in life, employment, finances and health which make any difficult circumstances I have encountered seem minor and insignificant. And yet, they have persevered and prayed and remained hopeful, generous, and grateful in their hardships. They have inspired us.

When Kathy in great excitement sent an e-mail a few weeks ago about an article she had written for Compassion about child sponsorships, I was so proud and inspired by their example. Click on the link and have a read about my friends!

So today I am thankful for these two sets of friends. I’m grateful they set the example for me of not just being thankful in all circumstances, but persevering in generosity in the difficult days they have experienced.

Love you guys!


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