Thanksgiving – Food and Friendship

OK, ‘Thanksgiving Day’ proper is not until Thursday on the American side of the Atlantic, but here on the British side we are not confined to a set day. Sunday was our day to celebrate the day as 54 of us from a variety of groups and backgrounds and experiences gathered together. Every food I was anticipating for the meal was prepared (except brussels sprouts, I’m sad to report; and did you know it’s not ‘brussel sprouts’ but ‘brussels sprouts’? Like many English words, what it looks like is NOT the way one says it). The afternoon was a delight, and no one was in a hurry to leave.

IMG_0708 cropped & reduced IMG_0734 reduced IMG_0744 reduced IMG_0771 cropped & reducedI’m thankful we could all gather together. I’m thankful for the food. I’m thankful for all the work in preparing food, the hall, and those who helped clean up and put away tables, chairs, and supplies. I’m thankful for the food and clothes we collected for the homeless and rough sleepers in Birmingham. I’m thankful for the pleasant and wonderful conversations we enjoyed. And that’s Day Twenty-Four of ’30 Days of Thankful.’

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