Breakfast at the Lemon Tree

We are coming to the last few days of ’30 Days of Thankful.’ This has been a wonderful exercise for me to do, both in terms of writing and being thankful.

So much of what we do revolves around food, and those who have enjoyed a Thanksgiving Day meal will have had that reinforced. It so happened that my 16941_283377422460_607482460_3876786_7291205_n croppedcolleague and prayer partner Larry and I were scheduled to meet for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. On this occasion, Larry was unable to make it at the last minute, so having already arrived at the Lemon Tree I sat down to my breakfast made by the owner and proprietor, Kevin.

Kevin and his wife Lynn opened up this cafe 8 years ago, and we have been bantering with each other, insulting each other, encouraging each other, and for our part praying for Kevin and Lynn and their business all these years. We always pray for peace and wholeness for them when we say grace before eating. One can’t define what influence or  impact we’ve made on Kevin and Lynn, but we sure like them. When Larry and I meet to chat and pray for each other, the anticipation of meeting up is as much to see Kevin and Lynn as it is to see each other.

So today I’m thankful for my buddy in prayer and ministry, Larry. I’m thankful for his example and love for Jesus and his every day discipleship. I’m thankful for Kevin who always cooks us a great breakfast and with whom we have become friends. And I’m thankful for Kevin’s kindness and wit. Kevin, I’ll have another of my non-standard ‘standard’ breakfasts, if you please!

IMG_0786 cropped & reduced

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