Young and Younger – Days 12 & 13

Days twelve and thirteen of ’30 Days of Thankful’ photofocuses on the young and younger. I can say that of more people than I used to, now that I have crossed the threshold of the 50s! I am thankful for the hope, optimism, questions, searching, and adventure of those young and younger than me as measured by years of life walking this planet. Let me tell you about a young couple and three younger friends.

The other day we welcomed to our home Randy and Laura. this young couple, with three children under five, are exploring a move to the UK. They’ve been meeting with members of our team and an ethnic church, venturing between Worcester, Rugby, Nottingham, Leeds and Solihull. They have a lot to think and pray through, and as to what they will decide, it’s still too early to tell. What I admire is this seeking after a nexus of God’s best for them and others and their giftedness and passions. This encourages and inspires me, as our family nears twenty years of life and ministry in England. Indeed, I am grateful for their example.

IMG_0651And the younger, whom I’ll leave unnamed. Every fortnight we have the youth from DHVC over for pizza and conversation about any topic they want to talk about. We explore that question with further questions, and look at how Scripture can inform the issue and bring wisdom and direction. Our discussion together is a highlight of my week. I’m thankful for these younger friends who are thinking, challenging, wondering and praying about life and our purpose for being. I’m thankful for the trust they place in us.

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