Thankful for ‘Team’

For those of us in the Western / Developed world, Team-iStock_000005230233XSmall‘independence’ has almost become hardwired into our ethos, culture, and value systems. Yet when natural events such as Hurricane Sandy or extremist-inspired attacks such as the Boston Marathon bombings take place, this illusion is quickly shattered. Even in places such as the Philippines, where Typhoon Haiyan recently wrecked havoc, the breakdown of independence has been quickly made known by international media.

The reality is that most worthwhile endeavours require teams: people working together with a common interest or purpose toward a common goal. Even entrepreneurs and visionaries need teams to make their ideas a reality.

IMG_7714 reduced 2Today I am grateful for the team(s) of which I am a part and without which my contributions have little lasting impact. There are far too many to mention here, and there are the obvious and visible but also the less obvious and behind the scenes teams. Specifically, I’m thankful today for the team of colleagues to whom I have accountability and from whom I find inspiration, encouragement, and examples of sacrifice, commitment, and loyalty. While this team has waxed and waned in size over the years, these four families have journey together for almost twenty years. Aaron and Diane, David and Teresa, Larry and Debbie, and Tammy my partner of thirty years – for you and your friendship and love – I am deeply grateful!

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