Necessary Endings

Necessary EndingsVarious friends, seeing that we are in a time of transition, have been encouraging us to read Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud. Having read Cloud and Townsend’s Boundaries a few years ago, I anticipated a helpful and insightful read. And while I am still navigating the latter half of the book, I have not been disappointed, finding many personal applications. Not only that, but as I’ve been reading I have also been thinking of other people I love who would find Cloud’s wisdom encouraging and inspirational, and possibly life changing.

Amongst the principles (and practices) I am processing for personal benefit are these (framed as questions): What are you pruning toward? Is there a ‘season’ coming to a close that allows for a new season to begin? Who is helping you discern the pruning and traverse the current season of change?

IBoundaries think my age may help me be more aware of the concept of ‘seasons’ (as well as growing up in Minnesota where the seasons were very distinct from one another!). Growing older may have the attendant danger of growing less humble and more narrow in outlook, but I have been inspired by those men and women who have aged gracefully, becoming more who they already are, and remaining life-long learners. Asking questions like these and having helpful models encourages me to pay attention to my ongoing personal transformation into the kind of person who is wise, godly, focused, effective, and fruitful.

How about you?

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